Paine in the Mainstream Media’s Butt

This past week, my english classes had an overlapping in topic of the required readings and that topic was Thomas Paine. The most influential book written in U.S. history was Common Sense by Paine, he created the notion of a “public sphere.” The eloquent language describing the rights of man swayed people during this time to the point where historians believe Paine was a major part of the American Revolution. And if his uplifting words didn’t convince you enough, all of the profits from the book went to the soldiers fighting in the revolution. Both of my english classes talked about how Paine was a voice for the people and believed the leaders of society may not have the people as their priority. Also, just like how blogs are continuously claimed to be unoriginal, Paine’s Common Sense was argued to be a copied work from John Adams. This is one of the many historical references that show how blogs were just a technological label for a concept created a long, long time ago. Paine used his political and printing power to show his country what the mainstream newspapers failed to discuss. The mainstream media in modern day has been commercialized and only shows the side of the story their CEO’s and executive producers find to be in their best interest. Many of the problems we find in today’s news are corresponded with events in the past and that blogs is a temporary name for a revolutionary and never ending concept of the people. #ActWrtMedia17

Image by: Jeff Goldman  License Notice:






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