One of the most influential ways to join a group of people together is through the use of social media and the protests that Jaffe mentions in the next few chapters do just that. Jaffe introduced the influence of media when describing the Tea Party which formed under Bush’s administration. These were Republican voters who did not agree with the government policies that Bush was putting forth, was tired of the Wall Street bailouts, and was actually in favor of Capitalism. Rick Santelli went on NBC news to rant about the obstructions he felt were happening and stated that he was going to start a Tea Party. Social media began to blow up with twitter hashtags which resulted in twenty thousand people at a Tea Party event in Atlanta. In chapter 4, the Teaching Assistants Association (TAA) had an uproar when Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin proposed in 2011 to cut all public worker’s salaries and services. This meant that the public workers would be taken the right to negotiate their salaries as the cost of living continued to increase. The TAA planned a “people filibuster” of the bill which meant they kept lining up speakers to talk against it for as long as they could in order to get the bill denied.

“Protesting at the Capitol” Image by Jonathan Bloy Https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/legalcode

The group started a Twitter and Facebook account providing updates to the people and encouraging them to come fill the capitol to stop the bill. Alex Hanna, the co-president of TAA, compared their protest at the Capitol to the Tahrir Square protest of the Egyptian Government’s limiting of public space. Both of these movements began to brand themselves as a voice of the people against the government’s faults. The use of social media provided a space for people to get informed and share ideas about the injustices they were having to face. The twitter hashtag was just another example of bringing people together, because if a person wanted to join a movement all they had to do was look up the hashtag so millions of people’s posts would appear. Even though there was traditional media covering the events, the instancy of twitter from each person in that moment could reach a level that the mainstream media couldn’t get to. Many of the movements we have now use social media as their main media platform because of how fast information gets around and the notion of personal experience reporting over traditional media’s skewed views. #ActWrtMedia17


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