We aren’t so keen to censorship…

Reading the final chapter of Media and Justice, I could not help, but to laugh to myself. The movie Anchorman 2 featuring Will Ferrell is about a local anchorman named Ron Burgundy who used to be one of the best anchorman’s until his new female boss fires him and promotes his wife. The sequel continues with Ron trying to find work and finally finds a job at Global News Network, the first news that is on for 24 hours. There becomes a competitive rivalry between another anchorman that airs at 5pm and Ron who has the crappy news hours of 1am. The relation to Media and Justice occurs when Ron boosts his ratings by highlighting a car chase and from there on out gave people news that was not actually news. The american people are entertained easily which is why most headlines discuss celebrity gossip or useless information. I couldn’t help to think about Ron Burgundy feeding the people “crap news” to get up ratings when reading about the main stream media’s “breaking news” stories about a puppy in danger or about Obama going on vacation last month. A major problem in our media is that the focus is more on telling the people what they want to hear rather than giving vital information about our democracy. Instead the mainstream media is like the parent who sits us down in front of a TV while they go into a room to fight about real issues. Blinding the citizens of the U.S. from information they deserve to know about. In the book, Blogosphere by Aaron Barlow, he discusses about how the media covered up a car accident that tried to run into the Twin Towers days before the 9/11 tragedy. There could have been widespread prevention of the Twin Towers so families could be safe, but instead the media covered the situation up in order to keep the people at ease. In chapter 15 of Media and Justice, the author discusses how the media decided to have a trivial story about the passing of Anna Nicole Smith, a famous celebrity. Meanwhile, a U.S. ambassador had a run in with Iraq when he somehow lost 12 billion dollars… yes, he LOST 12 billion dollars! Not to mention the fact that the money he brought into Iraq was all in one hundred bills meaning that “losing” that huge bundle of money was false. I think it s absolutely ridiculous that we even have this problem in the first place. Tell the people the truth since the United States is a democracy meaning that we have the right to know what is happening in our country.


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