You have to be twice as good to get half of what they have.


When glancing at the title of By Any Media Necessary, I tried to rack my brain for the origin of the real saying “By any means necessary.” Once reading through the first chapter, my mind was finally at ease. “We want justice by any means necessary” was spoken on 1964 by activist Malcolm X. Malcolm became the face and voice for the African American and Islamic people who suffered in all aspects of life due to white supremicists. This reference to Malcolm reminded me of the TV show I’m currently watching called Scandal. The show is about a strong, confident, and successful black woman who falls in love with the president and works as a living to fix sticky situations in D.C. In one of the episodes, the media finds out about Olivia’s affair and begins to slander her with names and discredit her success. A gladiator, the name placed to Olivia’s associates, is finally triggered by the slander and speaks out about it by saying that the media only calls her outspoken and smart for where she has come from because she is black and female. Another quote from the show that is an eye opener to racism in our culture was when Olivia’s dad said “You have to be twice as good as them to have half of what they have.”

Olivia’s father refered to “them” in his quote by the white men taking control of the government in Washington, D.C. The strength that Olivia fought in order to attain power relates to Malcolm X voicing the corruption in 1964. He believed that whites took absolute control of black lives to the point where they could not have any success including political, economical, or social. In the 2017 television show, the creator Shonda Rhimes, uses her characters such as Olivia Pope to elicit the slander and obstacles still given to black people. 53 years is how long since Malcolm X spoke the famous quote to attempt to stop racism. 53 years and television shows are still showing how the media presents blatant racism. By any means necessary, we need to show the government that it is not okay for one race to discriminate or segregate other races based on the color of their skin or the cultural beliefs they have. But in order to even get a glance of attention from the government or anyone for that matter, the key of media must be implemented. The first chapter of By Any Media Necessary, emphasizes the necessity for media in any and all type of activism. Not only is media seen to rely on activism, it is seen as the sole success of a activist movement.


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