The youth of the world will make a change.


My grandma always says to me, ” You need to put that darn phone down and experience life at first hand.” These wise words have probably been said by parents, grandparents, and adults in general to youth in the past 5 years since the rise of social media. It scares the older generations to think that communication with others across the world can be done with a touch of a button and that the world is changing into a technological advanced species. Although my grandma may have some accuracy in her statement, the small life I view every day may not capture the reality of life around the world. More often than not, social media becomes a tool for youth around the world to share their stories and learn about the occurrence of activism everywhere. In By Any Means Necessary, there was a quote they used to describe the feelings of people in the 60’s about youth which I believe still exists today. The quote “Don’t trust anyone under 30” speaks to the relationship youth had to politics back in the day and adults continues to prohibit youth from getting involved. The main concept, other than media being absolutely necessary for activism, is that youth makes up the greater of the population so it is essential for them to learn and get involved with activism. Mentioned in the text, the DREAM movement was the first national movement to be lead by the youth of America which spreads awareness of immigration rights and demands immigration reform. Although the DREAM youth activists did not get their immigration reform bill passed by congress in the early 2000’s, they achieved the goal of restrictions on deporting undocumented youth during the Obama Administration.

“Immigration Reform” image by Quinn Dombrowski (CC BY-SA-2.0)

The DREAM activists were a group of young people coming together to fight about something they believed in which is a powerful effort towards overall youth involvement. I remember watching a favorite actress of mine named Dianne Guerrero who went on a talk show to describe the suffering she had when her whole family including her brothers and sisters were deported from the U.S. She became famous through a popular Netflix series and continues to talk about her awful tragedy to encourage others to get involved with immigration reform. The DREAM movement was created for people just like Dianne Guerrero that lost their siblings due to the government’s stance on immigration. Youth has become a prominent body of the population and I believe the real reason for the social media concerns of the older generations is to limit our knowledge and prevent youth from speaking out. Throughout the entirety of By Any Means Necessary,  the use of social media for activism is seen as necessary to change anything because of the sole fact that youth will become involved and once they become involved they speak for the population. Media may influence kids in the wrong direction sometimes which older adults tend to reiterate until their faces turn blue, but as long as their is a problem in the world, the youth will get a hold of this information and will hopefully do something about it. #ActWrtMedia17


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